Information below was for September 2017-May 2018. 

Check back in July for information for the upcoming dance season.


Acrobatic Dance is a beautiful fusion of classic dance technique* with the precision and athleticism of acrobatic/tumbling skills. Using the highly acclaimed “Acrobatic Arts” program, students will progress at their own pace through levels where they learn the necessary exercises and procedures to safely master tumbling skills that can be incorporated seamlessly into dance choreography. They will gain the grace, flexibility, balance, and strength that makes a beautiful dancer. These classes will foster confidence, body awareness, and the value of hard work and dedication. A foundation in acrobatic dance will greatly benefit students in all areas of dance! Please read our ACRO-DANCE parent packet for more information about our program.

Grace Christian Dance Company is one of only three studios in the Pittsburgh area to be certified through Acrobatic Arts. Students will learn under the direct supervision and spotting of Miss Porcari or Mrs. Black, both certified Acrobatic Arts Instructors.

*The dance technique portion will be taught in GCDC technique classes and the acrobatic elements are taught in our ACRO-DANCE classes. To be in ACRO levels 3 and above, you must be enrolled in an additional ballet class.


Acro-dancers lose flexibility and strength when there are long breaks. For this reason, ACRO-DANCE is available all year long. Dancers taking extended breaks will need to retest to see which level they should attend. All new ACRO students start in the PRIMARY class for their age group.

Classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays at Peters Creek Presbyterian Church at 250 Brookwood Road in Venetia, PA.

Mondays (September 2017-May 2018):

4:30-5:15 - PRIMARY

7:30-8:30 – Level 1

Thursdays (September 2017-May 2018):

4:30-6:00 – LEVELS 4+

6:00-6:45 - Private Lessons Available

6:45-7:45 – LEVEL 2

7:45-9:00 – LEVEL 3

 June-August 2018:

All Thursdays from June 21-August 23 except dance camp week (July 9-13).

Click here for complete information.




Non-GCDC students:


ACRO LEVEL 1- $45/ month

ACRO LEVEL 2  - $45/ month

ACRO LEVELS 3 and up - Add-on only (Contact us if you are being technically trained at another dance studio, but are interested in our ACRO program.)


Current GCDC students:

Currently enrolled GCDC dancers are able to add-on an ACRO-DANCE class (and other offerings) at a reduced rate. May-August, the regular rate applies.

$35 – first add-on class per child

$25 – second add-on class (same child)

$15 – third add-on class (same child)

A $5 late fee is assessed to tuition not paid at the first class of each month. To avoid this late fee, mail your payment to Danielle Black at 109 Meadowbrook Drive, Moon Township, PA 15108 or pay online.


A $25 family registration fee is due for all GCDC programs. If you take more than one category of class (GCDC classes, REC, TAP, ACRO), you pay this fee only once each year.

A $15 Showcase family fee is due if your child is participating in our May Showcase. There is no ticket cost for the event.

Girls are required to purchase the uniform pieces and 2 acro-blocks.


Dress Code/ Items needed:

Properly fitting attire is necessary for the safety of the participants. For purchasing information, visit our dress code page.

1. GCDC official leotard

2. GCDC capris – must fit tightly around entire leg.

3. Hair is completely secure for entire class. A tight bun is acceptable or other hairstyle that you have approved with your child’s instructor.

4. Bare feet

5. *Two acro-blocks used for stretching

*These items can be purchased through GCDC for $10/block.


ACRO-DANCERS have the opportunity to showcase their skills at our REC, TAP & ACRO-DANCE SHOWCASE. This is an informal showing of what the girls have been learning.  Showcase will be approximately 45 minutes long with a cookie reception to follow.  There is a $15 family fee to participate in this showcase. There is no ticket cost for this event, but we will need a head count ahead of time. Parents will need to sign up to bring items for the reception. 

As this program grows, we look forward to incorporating the skills the GCDC enrolled dancers are learning into their dances in our annual Spring Production!

May 17 – ACRO Showcase (All Thursday Night ACRO Classes)

May 24 – REC, TAP, ACRO Showcase (All Monday Night ACRO classes plus Level 4+)


There is a $25 family registration fee to participate in any GCDC offerings. It is due every August or at time of registration. If you take more than one category of class (GCDC classes, REC, TAP, ACRO), you pay this fee only once each year.

Except for March, April and May, enrollment is continually open for ACRO-DANCE. New students ages 4 to 18 are welcome to join the PRIMARY class for their age group.


ACRO-DANCE parent packet

SKILL LISTS per level

MAT recommendations for at-home practice



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