The information below is for dancers enrolled in the GCDC program. REC dancers click here for dress code information.
All dancers are required to attend class in full uniform and dance shoes.

You will need to be fitted for your uniform at Tutu in Bridgeville. Let them know you are with Grace Christian Dance Company and they will bring you the proper uniform. Cost for the three piece uniform will range from $50-$60 with an additional charge for plus sizes. The dance shoe will run $20-$30.

Dancers not in complete uniform, including shoes, will need to rent the pieces they are missing at the front desk. You cannot substitute a similar looking piece of your own. Rentals are $5 for shoes and/or all or part of the uniform. If a rental is not available, dancers are welcome to sit in the back of the classroom and observe for that week.



1. Black short sleeved leotard

2. Black capri

Capri should fall no longer than 2 inches below the knee.

3. Black opaque skirt

So that we can see that knees are aligned properly, skirt length must be between 1-2 inches above the knee. This may mean that you have to have the skirt length cut. Also, for the sake of the modesty length, you may need to order a larger size and take it in at the waist to get the longer length. Skirt must fit properly for the entire year. We suggest you start at 1 inch above the knee to allow for growth. You may not roll the skirt at the waist to shorten the length.

4. Hair is in a ponytail or bun. All hair is secured. No loose hair hanging down or bangs in their eyes. Black headbands are permitted if they stay in place.

5. Dance Shoes

All dancers are required to take class in a ballet slipper or the older girls have the option of using a jazz shoe. They can be any brand or color, but make sure you are not buying a ballet-looking bedroom slipper. Either shoe should fit like a glove and not have more than 1/4 inch growth room. A child might be pointing correctly, but the teacher can’t see it if there is too much room at the top of the foot.

If wearing ballet slippers, please do not pull the elastic string out of the ballet slipper. Tighten it to fit your child’s foot and then double knot it and either snip it or tuck in the bow. If you are cutting the strings, please have your child wear the shoe for 15 minutes and make sure it isn’t tied too tightly. If your child will be participating in the Spring Show, you will be required to purchase a brand-new shoe in March.

Required Show Shoes:

Dancers are required to purchase new dance shoes for April’s Spring Production. Preschool, Adore and Declare will wear a specific pink shoe that is available through Tutu. Tell the sales associate that you are with Grace Christian and they will give you the exact shoe you need. Again, please do not leave more than 1/4 inch growing room or the dancer does not look like she is pointing properly. All other groups will receive information on which shoe to buy in March.

*If your group is required to purchase split-sole ballet slipper, click here for instructions on how to sew the elastics. Other groups may purchase the split-soled version of the Show shoe, but must remove both straps and sew one on in front of the ankle.

 Required Show Pants: 

  • ALL GROUPS – may be required to have specific black pants purchased from Tutu for the Spring Show and any additional performances. These will be used year to year, so you may purchase a little bigger and have them hemmed. Hem is to be touching the floor when the dancer is in her bare feet. Pants should not stretch tightly around the rear end and crotch area. Pants are now available for buy back and resale at a discounted price. 


1. Other than small stud earrings, please remove ALL JEWELRY. Dancers will be asked to remove any earrings that hang below their lobe.
2. Make sure your child is not entering with gum or candy in her mouth.
3. Other than a water bottle, leave all personal items outside of the classroom.


Two additional pieces will be allowed in class. They would also need to be purchased through Tutu. No additional garments will be permitted.

1. Optional Cami – Some of the older girls had mentioned that they would feel more comfortable with an additional layer over the leotard. This cami is made out of thick material and is shelf lined.

2. Optional Shrug – This will cover the entire arm and tie under the bust so we can still see the body lines to make corrections. If your child is cold in class, this is a good option for her. Do not order this item too large, if we cannot see body lines, your child will be asked to remove the shrug.



For Performances, please see:

Spring Show Requirements

Additional Performances

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