Recreational Dance Program

If you are interested in a dance experience with a more relaxed pace, our REC DANCE and REC HIP HOP might suit your family better. The lower levels of our ACRO-DANCE program are also open to our recreational dancers, but please note that they are more structured and challenging than our REC classes.

Please click here to see the differences between GCDC classes and our REC program.




REC DANCE: This class will explore dance movement within a Christian environment. Using only Christian music and modest movement, girls will be exposed to various disciplines on an introductory level. They will also experience the use of different worship elements such as tambourines and ribbons. Each class will begin with scripture and prayer.

REC HIP HOP: We will have fun learning hip-hop basics and fun combinations that will improve the girls’ rhythm and coordination skills. This popular style of dance does have its modesty challenges, but we will be careful to maintain GCDC standards.

ACRO-DANCE:  Click here for information on our ACRO-DANCE program.




Peters Creek United Presbyterian Church (PCP) 250 Brookwood Road Venetia, PA 15367

In His Presence Church (IHP) 251 Brookwood Road Venetia, PA 15367




There is no REC class registration fee, but if you would like to participate in the end of the season showcase, a non-refundable fee of $10 is due the first class in January. Tuition is on a monthly basis.

REC 1 – $30/ month

REC 2 and Hip Hop 1 & 2 – $35/ month


ACRO-DANCE A – $45/month

ACRO-DANCE  B – $50/ month

*ACRO-DANCE Level C is not available to REC dancers. At that skill level dancers must be taking additional technical dance classes.

Click here to make monthly REC payments online via Paypal Payments (includes a small processing fee charged by Paypal).


Registration will be open in July. Check out our summer classes and camps!



October 3 and 6 – First day of classes

October 31 – No REC classes

November 24 – Thanksgiving – No Thursday classes

November 28 – Last Monday REC classes until January

December 1 – Last Thursday classes until January 5

January 5 – Classes resume

March 31 at 7:30 - This is a very informal showing of what the girls have been learning. It will be 30-45 minutes long with a cookie reception to follow. There is a $10 show fee to participate. No tickets are needed for the event, but we do ask that the parents sign up to bring items for the reception.





4:30-5:15 pm (IHP) – REC HIP HOP 1 – ages 8-12

5:15-6:00 pm (IHP) – REC HIP HOP 2| – ages 13-18

6:30-7:00 (PCP) – REC DANCE 1 – ages 3-5

7:00-7:45 (PCP) – REC DANCE 2 – ages 6-9


6:00-6:45 pm (PCP) –  ACRO-DANCE – PRIMARY

6:45-7:45 (PCP) – ACRO-DANCE A

7:45-9:00 (PCP) – ACRO-DANCE B


Dress Codes:


ACRO-DANCE dress codeClick here for details on ACRO-DANCE dress code.

REC DANCE dress code -

1. Black short-sleeved leotard

2. Black capris

3. Shorts or skirt to cover the bum

4. Pink ballet slippers

While you do not have to use official GCDC uniform pieces in REC DANCE, you can visit the GCDC classes page to see an example of the dress code. The black leotard and capris will be the base used for the Parent Showcase. We will provide embellishments to those pieces.

REC HIP HOP dress code -

1. Dance Sneakers – Jazz shoes are acceptable, but we highly recommend wearing dance sneakers for the padding and support of the foot. Most regular sneakers are too grippy to be safe when turning.

2. Any modest clothing in which the dancer can comfortably move is acceptable. No shorts above mid-thigh or cami strap tops.



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