Our Spring Show is an optional performance available for dancers involved in the GCDC program.


  • In order to participate, the dancer must attend all mandatory rehearsals in their entirety.
  • If requested by an instructor, dancer must have made up any missed classes January-April.
  • Dancers must abide by the dress code set for their group. Until this is announced, please avoid short hair cuts. Unnatural hair colors will have to be dyed a natural color in order to perform. Jewelry is to be removed.
  • Dancers will be notified in March of required show shoe to purchase and if they will need to purchase specific black performance pants.
  • Show fee of $75 per dancer is due in January ($175/family max).
  • Yearly tuition & fees must be paid in full.


Information specific to your dancer’s group, will be linked to this page in March.

Below is the contract that was signed by all families prior to registration being accepted:

Please sign here if you agree with the  following statements:

I understand that the Spring Show is OPTIONAL. In order for my daughter to participate in the APRIL 29, 2018 Show, I understand that she must:

  • Attend all mandatory rehearsals assigned to her group – in their entirety. ALL dancers attend rehearsal on Friday, April 27 and one or two other rehearsals on April 24 & 26. Keep all three evenings open until specifics are given in February.
  • Comply with the dress code set for her class and pay the non-refundable show fee of $75.
  • Make attendance a priority and agree to pay for a private lesson ($5/half hour) if she misses two classes in a row in the fall and any class missed January-April.
  • I understand that siblings may be assigned different show times (if applicable).
  • Videos of the dancers will be made available for purchase by parents. Videos are property of GCDC and individual songs may be posted on social media. Your children will not be named.

If you disagree with any of the statements above, please consider joining our Recreational Department. Anyone joining the GCDC program, must agree and sign the above agreement. Please understand that we view this as a contract and do not accept future enrollment from families that break the agreement.



Please click on your daughter’s group below and completely read through the show packet PRIOR to the parent meetings on April 9/10. We will answer any questions you may have at the parent meetings.













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