• APRIL 12 – TICKET SALES OPEN AT 5:00 – Tickets are $15 each. Note that Preschool and Adore dancers are in the first show only and therefore have priority seating for the 11:00 am show. Those families will order their tickets on April 5th so we will know how many 11:00 tickets will be available for the rest of the Company for the first show. 
  • APRIL 10 – SHOW Q & A MEETING –We will be on zoom at 10:30-11:00 a.m. and 3:30-4:00p.m. This is an optional meeting for those with questions (after having read this online show packet). CLICK HERE to access the meeting. Meeting ID: 442 374 4202 Passcode: 0JrMqH
  • APRIL 22 – PHOTO DAY (and mandatory rehearsal #1)– Photos will be taken during rehearsal time. Wear assigned hairstyle and bring new show shoes (see info below).  You will preorder and pay for your photos ONLINE by Friday, April 16. 
    • THURSDAY, April 22 at the studio  
      • MAGNIFY – 4:30-9:00
      • REJOICE – 4:45-9:00
    • FRIDAY, April 23 at the venue Send dancer into the building promptly at drop off time. Dancer should be in their uniform with their hair completely done in their show style. Please be waiting outside your car for them at 8:50.
      • MAGNIFY – 4:45-8:50
      • REJOICE – 5:15-8:50
  • APRIL 24 (SATURDAY) SHOW DAY – Arrival 10:00 am.
    • Drop off at 10:00 am. Doors open for audience at 10:45. They will participate in all three shows – 11:00am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm. Please pack your dancer a lunch and water only. They will eat between the first and second shows. If you would like to take pictures of your dancer after a show, please plan on doing that after the 1:30pm or 3:30pm show to allow for a lunch break after the first show. 



MAGNIFY–Slip-on black jazz shoe and Hanami Pirouette half-sole in nude

REJOICE – Hanami Pirouette half-sole in nude (and possible acro shoe TBA)

All shoes are to be ordered off of our ONLINE STUDIO STORE. The exact style and color have been added to their group’s list of items. Those dancers who already own a black jazz shoe may reuse it providing it looks “like new” (Mrs. Black can give feedback in class).  In order to match, everyone needs to order a new half-sole. There are sizing sets for each shoe available at the studio for your dancer to try on before or after her class time.  Please make sure the shoe fits like a “glove” with less than a ¼” room at the toe. You will need to order as soon as possible.



We will decide the hairstyle for these groups in class. 


Make sure you’ve removed any nail polish, all jewelry, body decals and have not added any embellishments to the hairstyle. If you absolutely cannot remove a pair of newly pierced ears, you will need to find small flesh-toned band-aids to wrap over small stud earrings.



Tickets are first come-first served in terms of seating closest to the stage. Typically, you choose your seat from a seating chart and walk away with your tickets. It can’t work like that this year as we anticipate having to socially distance family groups and can only have so many people per show.  Parents will print and bring this 2021 SHOW TICKETS AND DVD ORDER FORM when ordering and paying for your tickets. We will record your order and afterwards figure out seating. All groups, except Preschool and Adore, must choose a first and second choice of show time. You can pick up your tickets at Friday’s mandatory dress rehearsal. The tickets will not be sent home with dancers, a parent will have to come into the venue to pick them up. Note that there will not be any walk-up ticket sales on show day this year. 



There is an option on the ticket order form for pre-ordering a professionally recorded SHOW DVDfor $25. Pick up is TBA at the studio. If you earned a show dvd from the fundraiser last year, it has been credited to this year, but please still mark it on your ticket order form.



We are thankful for God’s protection over our classes this year. We’ve been following safety protocols and have not had any spread of COVID-19 through our studios. Please pray with us that this favor will continue through show week. If your dancer is exhibiting a fever and other COVID-19 symptoms during show week, they will have to step out of the show this year. I know that would be devastating to both them and us. If there is any way you can limit potential exposure to large groups of people prior to show week, it would be wise.

As for safety protocol while at the venue, we will still be taking temperatures as dancers enter. The dancers will wear their masks the entire time while on the premises. Before they leave their dressing room to perform their dance, they will take off their mask and put on the clear face shield like below. (We will be using pancake makeup on the strings to make them flesh-toned.) Upon returning to their dressing area, they will put their personal mask back on. They will have one chair that will be labeled with their name and they will use it for the dress rehearsal and the show. They will also hand sanitize on the way in and out of the dressing areas. The venue requires masks of the audience unless government restrictions have been lifted. Please do not purchase tickets for people that do not intend to comply.




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