It is to your optimal benefit to have regular and ongoing training sessions. At minimum, you should work out three days a week. When classes are in full session, those count toward your minimum of three though some additional time should be spent on choreography.

Below is a schedule and a few suggestions to choose from. Feel free to be creative and come up with your own ideas. 

CARDIO: 5 minutes minimum


  • Rotate through some of our warm up motions – burpees, star jumps, high knees, sautés, tuck jumps, pas de boureés, etc.
  • Run up and down the stairs
  • Go for a brisk walk, bike or run in your neighborhood
  • Dance one of your group’s fast dances or a warm up we’ve done in class. 

STRETCH: 10 minutes minimum

Make sure to fully stretch your back, shoulders and all splits

STRENGTHEN: 5 minutes minimum


  • Do one of our core routines – “Revolutionary” or “Incorruptible”
  • 25 sit ups, 25 upper body lifts, 60s plank 

HANDSTANDS: 10 minimum

Spend some time in the “Nose and Toes” position focusing on memorizing the alignment then taking it center for handstand balances. 

BRIDGES: 10 minutes minimum

Practices the bridges only on your level. 


OTHER: 5-10 minutes minimum


  • Foot Strengthening Class Homework
  • Pirouettes or other turns
  • Jetes or other jumps
  • Arabesques or other balance holds
  • Current dance routines
  • Anything else that you have been struggling with

REMEMBER: Everything is hard before it gets easy. Keep at it!


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