Meet our newest teacher, Miss Katie Lacek! 

Miss Lacek has been a fixture around GCDC since 1999. She graduated with us after 11 years and since then has been assisting at every Spring Show. She has a heart for the Company and our mission and an even bigger heart for the Lord!
Miss Lacek will be teaching our littlest dancers – Preschool, Adore and Declare. Your 3-5 year old is welcome to join us for a free class with Miss Lacek and Mrs. Black on Tuesday, August 28. Depending on the response, we will hold up to three classes that evening. Each class is limited to 6-8 students and will be held at Peters Creek Presbyterian Church. A time between 4:30-6:30 will be assigned to you within 24 hours after you register. 
A uniform is not required for this class. Your dancer can wear a t-shirt, capris or shorts and ballet slippers or socks.

Sign up for a free class! 

Free Class with Miss Lacek
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