Please respond by June 30 and

submit one survey for each dancer

Fall 2020 Reopening Survey
Will your daughter be dancing with GCDC this upcoming season?
If your answer is “No, due to COVID concerns” would you be willing to start the year with online classes (to keep up with the on-site group) and attend in person when you feel comfortable?
If we offered dance camps, August 3-7, with COVID safety measures in place, would your daughter attend?
If we begin on-site classes in the fall and are forced to close again for a while, would you continue with online classes until we could get back into the studio? We would continue working towards the show/showcases during that time.
Click all safety measures of which you are in favor. Note that wearing masks is not a safe option for aerobic-type exercise.
If continuing with us in the fall, which classes would your daughter take?


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