What is available for my __ year-old?

3-18 years old – Company Classes (contact us for placement)
3-8 years old – Rec Dance
5-18 years old – Acro Dance and Ballet Classes
9-18 years old – Foot Strengthening (Company dancers only)
13-18 years old – Pointe (Company dancers, by invitation only)
10-18 years old – Stretch and Strengthen Class (Company dancers)

What is the difference between Company Classes and Non-Company Classes?

CLICK HERE for an overview of the differences among classes.

Company Classes are the groups that learn choreography to perform in the April Spring Show, typically at the Bible Chapel. They are also the girls that may be invited to perform at additional performances such as the Washington County Fair, City Mission’s Sweet Sunday, Canonsburg’s Old Fashioned Christmas and other events. In the youngest Company classes (PRESCHOOL, ADORE, DECLARE), ballet is an integral part of the class, as we are laying a fundamental dance foundation by teaching basic skills that increase in difficulty as the dancers show themselves more capable. After they have demonstrated mastery of those skills, older classes tend to focus more on jazz technique and choreography. Because of this, it is very helpful for dancers to supplement their learning by enrolling in add-on ballet classes. Add-on acrobatic dance classes will increase a dancer’s flexibility, balance, and body awareness as well as their limbering and tumbling ability. If a dancer is not interested in tumbling, but wants to gain flexibility and strength, Stretch and Strengthen class is an excellent add-on. All add-on classes are available at a reduced rate for Company dancers. 

Non-Company Dancers are girls that are not enrolled in a Company Class (above), but only take Rec-Dance, Acro-Dance or a Ballet class. The attendance requirement for Non-Company Dancers is more relaxed. While there is a small showcase during the season, they do not perform in the Spring Show in April.

All classes given at Grace Christian Dance Company purpose to honor the name of Jesus Christ through music, movement, devotional time, and the overall atmosphere of the classroom.

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