Information on these pages are for dancers enrolling in the GCD Company Classes.  
Use the tabs below to access the SCHEDULE, DRESS CODE, TUITION and CALENDAR for Company dancers. 

While you do not need to be enrolled in a GCD Company class in order to take REC, ACRO, BALLET and TAP classes, 
only the girls in the GCD Company classes are eligible to participate in our April Spring Show,
in community performance events and to receive a reduced rate on all ADD-ON classes. 

CLICK HERE to see the differences among our class offerings.




Because we aim to foster an active environment of worship, we chose worship verbs from the Psalms to represent each class (TESTIFY, MAGNIFY, DECLARE, etc). 

GCDC instructors assign dancers to different classes based on their individual strengths and needs, and also how well they fit the demands of the class’s curriculum. All new dancers must contact us for their class placement, while all returning dancers are reevaluated every year to ensure they are placed where they will have the most success. For more information on class assignments, click here.


It is important to understand that when you enroll your child in Company classes, we need you to commit to attending regularly and being punctual. Ideally, your child will only miss 1-2 classes for the entire year. Absences and tardiness slow down the pace of the class as choreography and technique must be retaught. We do understand that extenuating circumstances may cause your child to miss more than this. Missing two classes in a row or any absence in the months of January – April will require a private lesson.  Enrolling past the first week of September classes may require private lessons to catch up with their group. (See Private Lessons to the right.)



If class is cancelled due to bad weather, we will email you and put a notice on the Updates page.  Please note that we rarely do cancel classes. If snow is excessive in your area and you feel that it is unsafe to travel, please don’t. Cancelled classes are not rescheduled unless there will be less than three classes that month.



Please arrive at least ten minutes prior to the start of class. Dancers should be ready with their shoes on when the teacher comes to get them from the waiting room. Dancers entering late are a major distraction to the teacher and the entire class. Excessive tardiness may require private lessons.




Our classes take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Crossroads Church 

1120 Boyce Road

Upper St. Clair, PA 15241



If your child misses two classes in a row, or if she misses any class in January – April, a private lesson is required. Late enrollees will also require private lesson(s). Private lessons should be taken before your child’s next scheduled class. Contact Danielle via email or phone to schedule. These lessons are given by our student helpers and are $5/half hour. All checks for private lessons are to be made out to the Company. You must sign on your registration form that you agree to our private lesson policy. 




Our teachers do not anticipate problems and rarely do have them, but in the case that students are behaviorally disruptive, we follow the procedure below:

1. Quiet Warning.

2. If behavior persists, child sits out of class and parents are notified.

3. If behavior still continues, child is dismissed from class for one month. Parents pay for private lessons to keep child on track with her class.

4. Child is welcomed back to class. If steps 1-2 are repeated again, the child is dismissed for the remainder of the year and can try again next dance season.





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