Our fundraiser is optional. It supports our annual Spring Production. Any amount of participation is appreciated, but reaching specific levels of participation is rewarded. The fundraiser is available to help those who wish to offset their dancer’s show fee of $75 as well as earn other incentives. Please note that, in the event that your daughter is unable to complete the dance year, no portion of the fundraiser profit is able to be refunded to the selling family. You should direct all questions about the fundraiser to Carrie Hanbury.
We are fundraising with Sarris Candies. The candy bars are 2 oz bars you can sell for $2 each. They come in boxes of roasted almond, crisped rice, peanut butter, creamy caramel, salted pretzel, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and a variety box (which contains six of each except dark chocolate). Candy bars must be ordered by the box and there are 36 in each. Orders for candy bars will be taken on the weeks of October 7 & 8, during classes or email Carrie to place your order. Orders will be available for pick up the following week. Please note that we will not buy back unsold boxes of chocolate. You are responsible for everything you order. All money is due November 4 & 5. We ask that you pay with a check and not bring us cash or coin. If you have sold enough to reach a level, below are your thank you gifts.

2 boxes sold: Free Company T-Shirt 


3 boxes sold: + One dancer Show Fee paid in full


4 boxes sold: + Show DVD


For each additional box: + $15 Company Cash (A credit will show on your family payment page to be used for any GCDC expenses.)



7, 8 – FUNDRAISER – For those participating in the fundraiser, the first order for Sarris candy bars is due this week.
14, 15 – FUNDRAISER – Order #1 pick up
21, 22 – FUNDRAISER – Last chance to place an order for candy bars.
28, 29 – FUNDRAISER – Order #2 pick up
4, 5 – FUNDRAISER – All money is due today. Please write one check to GCDC (no cash or coin, please).

Thank you for supporting our annual Spring Production!



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