The Pointe Program at GCDC is a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare a dancer for safe pointe work. It begins with our Foot Strengthening class. When Mrs. Fehr deems the dancer ready, she will be invited to the Pre-Pointe Class.

Due to the fact that we meet with our dancers only 2-3 days a week, the pre-pointe class requires a lot of independent homework outside of our regularly scheduled time together. This extra practice time is essential in order to be fully prepared to dance en pointe safely. The dancer must show proper alignment as well as the maturity, responsibility, and dedication to complete homework properly outside of class.  When these qualities are evident in a dancer, she will be issued an invitation to the Pre-Pointe class. 

In order to participate in the Pre-Pointe & Pointe classes, the dancer is required to:

  • Continue to attend Foot Strengthening class with near 100% attendance
  • Put forth 100% effort in Foot Strengthening class as well as all GCDC classes
  • Maintain the proper alignment, positioning, and strength required for Pre-Pointe work 
  • Complete the assigned 5-8 hours a week of Pre-Pointe homework outside of class time. Dancers will document the time spent on homework on the form at the bottom of this page
    • If a dancer does not complete the required 5-8 hours of homework each week for any 3 weeks, she will be moved back to Foot Strengthening class. It will then be up to the dancer to demonstrate her dedication to Mrs. Fehr. After at least one month, the dancer may request to be moved back to Pre-Pointe. If Mrs. Fehr agrees that she is ready, she will start fresh in Pre-Pointe (with a new “start date”).  She will have to show her maturity, responsibility, and dedication, with the proper amount of outside homework time, and work from that date on to fulfill the required 1-3 years of Pre-Pointe work prior to be invited to move to Pointe 1 class. Upon entering the Pointe 1 class, Mrs. Fehr will discuss her getting her first pair of pointe shoes.   





Use the form below to tally the minutes of  your out-of-class practice time each week.  To continue in the pre-pointe program, you need to spend 5-8 hours on these specific exercises every week.  At minimum you should be doing the number of reps that we are currently doing in foot strengthening class. 

Please remember the following:

  • Keep in mind the goals for Pre-Pointe with every exercise; you are training your body to do the exercises the right way every time. 
  • Keep weight centered in your ‘triangle’ and not heavy over your pinky toe. Your ankle bones push forward to avoid sickling of the foot.
  • There should be a straight line (180-degree) from your metatarsals (foot bones) to your tibia (shin bone).
  • You need a right angle (90-degree) from your toes (spread out flat on the floor) to your metatarsals .  Don’t let your toes scrunch up or ‘knuckle’.
  • Careful that your knees are not bent when the heels are off the ground. Straighten your kneed before lifting your heels. 
  • Always be mindful of proper dancer alignment of your entire body.
  • Remember to stretch before beginning your exercises and during your practice time as needed.


Tally your weekly homework minutes with the form below.


Pre-Pointe Homework
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