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Ballet technique is the strong foundation for all other forms of dance. Due to time constraints, only the ballet basics are taught in the Company Classes for ages 8 and up, so we highly recommend supplementing with a Ballet class. These extra Ballet classes will spend a significant time on proper alignment of the body, carriage of the arms, turnout of the legs and gracefulness. Dancers will learn ballet skills with increasing difficulty. Ballet classes run September-May and are available for girls 5-18. Dancers in the Ballet classes will learn choreography to perform in the May Showcase.


Dress Code for Company dancers is the same for in their Company classes. Dancers, not in a Company class, do not need the “official” uniform, but should match it as closely as possible. If you would like to purchase official pieces, visit the Company Classes Dress Code page.

  1. Black short-sleeved leotard
  2. Black capris
  3. Black skirt to cover the bum
  4. Pink ballet slippers (not half soles or jazz shoes)
  5. Hair is to be secured in a bun


All families, new and returning, pay an annual $25 fee. This covers all dancers in a family and all add-on classes taken. This fee is non-refundable and due at time of registration.

If your dancer stops taking classes mid-year and wishes to return during the same season, another $25 enrollment fee is due. Contact us before returning to make sure there is still availability in the class.

There is a family showcase fee of $15 for dancers to participate in the Rec, Ballet and Acro-dance Showcase.

30 minute classes – $40/ month
45 minute classes – $45/ month
60 minute classes – $50/ month

Company dancers can add this class on for a reduced rate. NOTE: May-August, when GCDC Company classes are not offered, regular rates apply to Company dancers. 


Tuition is due by the 6th of every month. There is a fee assessed to late tuition:

Paid on day 7-13: $5 late fee
Paid on day 14-20: $10 late fee
Paid on day 21-31: $15 late fee

If you need to delay payment for any reason, please discuss this with us ahead of time.  

Tuition can be paid onsite,  online, or by mailing your payment.  You can also set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank account.  



BALLET (ages 5-8) 4:30-5:00
BALLET (Glorify Class Only) 6:15-7:15
BALLET (ages 13+ invitation only) 7:15-8:15


BALLET (ages 8*-12) 5:15-6:00
BALLET (ages 10-14 invitation only) 6:00-6:45
BALLET (ages 13+) 6:45-7:45

*We will decide if your 8 year-old will take the 5-8 or 8-12 class.


Classes are held every Tuesday or Thursday night with a one week cancellation due to dress rehearsals for the GCDC Spring Show in April.

September 13 & 15 – First class days

October 11 & 13 – Registration closes

January 10 & 12 – Start date for late Ballet ages 5-8 enrollees only. 

May 25 – Showcase


Dancers taking a Ballet class will perform a routine in the May Showcase. This showcase takes place at Crossroads Church. Along with our Ballet dancers, this showcase also features dancers in our Recreational and Acro-dance classes.  The showcase is an informal presentation of what the girls have been learning in class.  It will be approximately 30 minutes in length with a cookie reception to follow.  There is a showcase fee of $15/family, but no ticket cost for this event. Parents will sign up to bring items for the cookie reception.