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Grace Christian Dance Company was founded in 1997 to provide an outlet for families who want their daughters trained in the art of dance but also hold Biblical values that may be incompatible with secular dance studios. 

For the past 27 years, GCDC has been teaching various genres of dance in an environment that honors the name of the Lord Jesus Christ through music, movement, technical excellence, devotional time, and the overall classroom atmosphere.

For Company dancers, the culmination of the dance season is our annual Spring Show, purposed to glorify the name of Jesus. Each show is unique and Spirit-inspired, from passion plays to artistic explorations of subjects like spiritual warfare or the names of God. It is our goal that, through the process of creating a God-honoring production, the dancers would grow closer to Jesus and each other, and that the final result would touch the heart of all who attend. In every performance, however — from the Spring Show to a Christmas showcase — our goal is to bring the Lord joy, honor, and glory.

Additionally, GCDC offers classes specifically in Ballet, Pointe, Acro-Dance, Strengthening, and Recreational Dance, as well as summer camps and classes. Above all we desire to see your daughters grow in their relationship with Jesus and we long to help foster the love of worshipping Him through dance.

Our studio rooms are located in Crossroads Church at 1120 Boyce Road in Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania.


Danielle Black, Owner
Instructor & Choreographer

Acro-Dance and Company Classes

Bekah Black

Ballet, Pointe and Strengthening Classes

Katie Conti

Preschool, Adore, and Declare Classes
(Grace Baker, co-lead)

Amy Fehr
Pointe Consultant


Amanda Vargo

Company Manager

Amber Baker

Party Coordinator, Show Coordinator

Valerie Daniels

Costume Coordinator