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Where are you located?

We are in a new location for this dance season:

3047 Industrial Boulevard
Bethel Park, Pennsylvania 15102

3047 Industrial Blvd

What classes are available for my daughter?

Click on the tabs below to see the different options for your dancer. 

What are the differences among the offerings at GCDC?

While all classes are offered in a Christian environment with Christian music (or instrumentals) and modest movement, there are differences in style, genre, technique and attendance expectations. Click below for an overview of each class, tuition and season schedule.

How do you determine class assignments?

Company dancers are given class assignments at the teacher’s discretion. Ballet classes are by the dancer’s age and experience level.  Recreational classes are grouped by age. Acro classes are grouped by experience level with dancers beginning in the primary level and testing out of each level as they are able. Please see individual web pages for more information. 

Can my daughter try a class?

Please use the contact form, at the bottom of the page, to let us know you are interested in trying a class and we will discuss the options available for you.  Summer Camp and Classes are also great ways for your daughter to connect with us and meet new friends before the fall season begins. 

How do I register for classes?

If you are taking Rec Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, or
 without a Company Class,
you will register as a “Studio” dancer.
Click the button above to register.

Deadlines to register:
Contemporary & Ballet: October 7-10
Acro: February 3-6 and will reopen in June
Rec Dance:  October 9 for Fall, February 7 for Spring

If you are taking a Company Class
(or any other studio classes along with a Company Class),
you will register as a “Company” dancer.
Click the button above to register. If you are a new dancer, contact us first for your class assignment. 

Deadline to register:
Company Classes: October 7-10

How do I make a payment online?

You are welcome to make payments online; however, please note that these types of payments incur an additional fee.

More questions?
Use the form below to reach out!