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Company dancers are grouped into different classes by the instructors of GCDC.

Our aim is always to place Company dancers in a group that best cultivates and showcases their strengths. While we consider placement, we recognize that some dancers are stronger in jazz/contemporary while others lean more towards ballet/lyrical. We also take into consideration the speed and accuracy in which the dancer learns, the precision of their technique, how well they embrace correction, and their ability to retain instruction for the next class. Some dancers practice a lot at home and are bored with too much review while others need teachers to spend a good amount of time reviewing each week. In older classes, we also consider the behavior and attitude of the dancer, their attendance, and their dedication to the art.

Dancers should expect to spend a few years in each class. We do not move dancers along solely due to their age, nor do we take friendships or sibling relationships into account when class assignments are given. The instructors reevaluate each individual dancer every year to make sure they are placed in the class that is the best fit for them, and in which they will experience the most success. In most classes, we will try to keep the girls within three years of each other, but some teen groups may have 7th-12th graders in them.

As with any sport or art form, the rate of progress is heavily dependent on the athlete’s or artist’s motivation to improve. Taking various add-on classes, in addition to Company classes, is a fantastic outlet for that motivation and will typically increase the dancer’s ability and the speed that they progress through our curriculum.  

Additional ballet classes are extremely beneficial and recommended to refine skills taught in Company classes and improve overall technique. In the youngest Company classes (PRESCHOOL, ADORE, DECLARE), ballet is an integral part of the class, as we are laying a fundamental dance foundation by teaching basic skills that increase in difficulty as the dancers show themselves more capable. After they have demonstrated mastery of those skills, older classes tend to focus more on jazz technique and choreography for April’s Spring Show or other additional performances. Because of this, it is very helpful for dancers to supplement their learning by enrolling in add-on ballet classes. Ballet classes are required for girls in the WORSHIP, REJOICE, and GLORIFY classes. Dancers interested in performing en pointe one day must be enrolled in a ballet class for at least three years or at our instructors’ discretion. Click for more information on that process. 

Add-on acrobatic dance classes will increase a dancer’s flexibility, balance, and body awareness as well as their limbering and tumbling ability. Acro-Dance classes are encouraged for all, but required for class assignments REJOICE & GLORIFY. MAGNIFY & CELEBRATE class assignments can choose between Acro-Dance and Stretch and Strengthen.

If you have questions regarding class assignments, or need a class assignment for your new dancer, contact Danielle Black